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The advent of computers has revolutionized the 20th century by making computations and even access to information much easier for the public. Computers have played a vital role in modernizing the lifestyle of individuals or businesses, bridging communications, increasing efficiency and productivity, and now even shaping today’s society and economy. Computers have become an important component in business and home.

The workhorse and the power house of businesses– desktop computers–are the most preferred computers for high-end computation, creating projects and presentations which demand tougher workload, and faster computation. With computer components built to perform, desktops have become a mainstay for offices and homes alike.

Vanderson’s line of workstations and servers are built to meet the demands of your specific business. They are built with name brand, non-proprietary components. Whether you’re buying a workstation, multiple workstations or a server, Vanderson manufactures a complete line of workstations and servers to fit your needs.

Each workstation and server comes standard with a 2-year warranty which covers parts, labor and technical support.

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